MACIG Zimbabwe Pre-Release

Country: Zimbabwe • Industry: Mining • Publication: Pre-Release • Release Date: November 2015 • Authors: Sharon Saylor and Meredith Veit

The story of Zimbabwe’s mining sector can only be told through a historical lens, as the nation’s enthrallingly tumultuous past is the only explanation for its inevitable fall and ultimate rise. Modern mining has been in practice in Zimbabwe since the 1890s, but the sector’s maturity is only yet comparable to that of a teenager. Socio-political strife has, more than once, hindered or halted mining activities and overall economic development, leaving mining representing below 5% of the national GDP. Contextually, this percentage is surprisingly small. Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields are reportedly among the largest in the world. Its platinum deposits are second only to South Africa’s. Zimbabwe holds 500 kilometers of the Great Dyke and 13 major greenstone belts within its borders. Depending on the appetite of the investor, one could develop gold, chrome, coal, iron ore, asbestos, ferrochrome, nickel, and the list of minerals is over 40 long.

IMAGE: DRC Cover Pictured.