MACIG 2016

Country: Africa Countries • Industry: Mining • Publication: Global Business Reports • Release Date: February 2016 • Authors: Molly Concannon, Nathan Allen, Katie Bromley, Sharon Saylor, Meredith Veit, Lubo Novak, and Jean Pierre Salendres

Executive Summary:

2015 was another very challenging year for the mining sector, perhaps even more so than 2014. Commodities prices continued to languish at historically low levels and new investment has been slow to come, particularly in more mature jurisdictions. Most ominously, the Chinese economic miracle, which has undergirded the growth in the global mining industry for the past three decades, is slowing down. For the first time since 1990, Chinese GDP growth is set to dip below 7%. Africa has also seen its own challenges from terrorism to recovering from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.