MACIG West Africa Pre-Release 2016

Country: West Africa Countries • Industry: Mining • Publication: Global Business Reports • Release Date: October 2016 • Authors: Laura Brangwin, Alexa Parks, Meredith Veit, Catherine Howe

Executive Summary:

Despite an historical perception of many West African countries as challenging for business, change is on the horizon as companies become more willing to test the water. New initiatives are greatly increasing the attractiveness of the region from an investment perspective, and previous deterrents such as infrastructure deficiencies and economic and political instability are fading into the distance. Meanwhile, the mining sector has started to see movement out of the low cycle this year with increasing gold and zinc prices, seeing players up production, exploration activity and general interest across the Golden West Coast, as well as governments passing new mining codes. Hence, for 2017 West Africa wins the crown as the focal region for the Official Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide, with Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso in the spotlight as our prime locations, alongside the continent’s second and third largest gold producers, Ghana and Mali. Having conferred with executives from across the region’s mining sector, this report gives you, the reader, access to our initial on-the-ground findings, including analysis of the key opportunities and potential challenges as West Africa prepares to leverage on the new-found investment environment; a mining region characterized by high returns and decreasing risk.



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