Mining Indaba’s Investment Discovery Forum

Mining-Indaba-Investment_Discovery_Forum31 January – 1 February 2014 | Westin Cape Town Hotel

The Mining Indaba Investment Discovery Forum is a highly-detailed and in-depth executive-level meeting offer a lot of extra horsepower on deal-discovery. The Investment Discovery Forum will provide investors an exclusive venue to get the detailed briefing they need on junior mining companies active on the continent with dedicated one-on-one meeting time and an array of presentations from African mining executives. There are only 300 seats available for qualifying investors. This forum is by invitation only. Applications must be received before 17 January 2014.


Tanzania’s Mining Sector Sees Higher Fees, Yet Continued Growth

A mid-tier market in resource-rich Tanzania struggles to emerge.

Amelia Salutz

Regarded as one of Africa’s leading mining jurisdictions, as it vies closely with Mali for the title of Africa’s third largest gold producer, Tanzania holds an enviable spot in the East African region as prime mining territory. Yet, while neighbors Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda aim to lift their mineral sectors off the ground, Tanzania’s mineral future hangs more uncertainly in the balance. Tanzania boasts a lengthier mining resumé than its regional counterparts due to a revamping of Continue reading

Honorable Stephen Masele, Deputy Minister of Energy and Minerals (Minerals), Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania’s Vision 2025 prioritizes economic growth through its mining industry.

Hon-Stephen_J_Masele- (MP)-BLOGTo begin with, could you please provide us with an overview of the main milestones achieved by the ministry since your appointment in spring 2012?

SM: Last year, the ministry achieved a lot in terms of controlling and auditing production. We have also raised revenue collection to a surplus of 30 billion TZS after changing the royalty rate, which was previously 3% of the net profit, to 4% of the gross value, according to the Mining Act of 2010. We have also managed to control and minimize smuggling, especially of gold and tanzanite, by putting security measures in place at airports and other important borders. Through these measures, we have managed to recover 15 billion TZS worth of minerals.
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