Honorable Evode Imena, Minister of State in Charge of Mining, Rwandan Ministry of Natural Resources

Rwanda rising: new regulations and technology powering mining industry.

Hon-Evode-Imena-BLOGThe position of the Minister of State in Charge of Mining was created in February 2013 to prioritize the sector as a key contributor to the development of the national economy. What milestones have you achieved during this time?

Since my appointment in February 2013, we have drafted a new mining law, which was approved by Parliament on 25 February 2014. The new law is aimed at attracting serious investors, increasing efficiency, and improving value to boost revenues from Rwanda’s minerals. In order to implement this legislation, the Ministry is putting new, easy to use regulations in place that allow users to access to information technology. Continue reading


Ben Smit, Director, Pella Resources Ltd., and Managing Director, Pella Rwanda Resources Ltd.

Nurturing new mining ventures in Rwanda and throughout Africa.

Can you provide us with a brief overview of the Pella Resources group of companies and specifically your operations in Rwanda?

BS: Pella Resources is an incubator and early-stage developer of natural resource projects in Africa. We find new and interesting ventures in the mineral resource space and are often the first investment in the project, which lends it credibility and confidence. After Pella Resources has completed its initial work, the project is opened to other investors to co-invest and develop it. Continue reading

Rwanda: Future Mining Hub of East Africa?

Rwanda bets that mining will sustain its upward trajectory.

Sharon Saylor

Rwanda-BLOGPhoto Courtesy of H&B Mining

KIGALI, RWANDA – Bordered by Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the north, Tanzania to the east, and Burundi to the south, Rwanda is fast becoming the most attractive business environment in East Africa and across the continent. The 2014 Word Bank Doing Business Report ranked Rwanda as the second easiest country in Africa to do business, after Mauritius and surpassing South Africa. Radical reforms have made it the most improved economy since 2005, and Rwanda now ranks 32nd out of 189 countries. Continue reading

A New Kid on the Block: Rwanda’s Bid for Mineral Growth

Rwanda counts on regulatory stability to launch its mining sector.

Amelia Salutz

Rutongo-BLOGPhoto courtesy of Rutongo Mines

KIGALI, RWANDA – Not far from the giants of African mining sits Rwanda, a landlocked—though some prefer to say land-linked—country with low levels of mineral production but big ambitions for that to change. While its production levels are slight on an international scale, at home the sector plays a much more significant role, with mining ranking as the second largest export earner in the Rwandan economy. In 2012, the sector contributed $136 million in export revenues, a culmination of a growth rate of 44% per annum since 2008, when the government first began the privatization process for its mineral concessions. Five years later, the forecasted value of mineral exports for 2013 is set at $190 million.
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