Uganda strives for mining transparency in the heart of East Africa

Challenging industry dynamics exacerbate the benefits balancing act as reform is underway.

Amelia Salutz

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Uganda has ambitious goals for its mineral sector. By virtue of its shared borders with the mining heavyweights of DRC and Tanzania, Uganda’s government and private investors have made a case for its geological potential in spite of its under-exploration. Giving further credence to its potential, historic production within the country boasts a diversity of minerals, from vermiculite to tungsten, copper, cobalt and gold. Continue reading


Denis Kusaasira, Managing Partner, ABMAK Associates

Uganda’s mineral potential requires a clearer regulatory framework.

ABMAK-EMAILCould you provide us with a brief overview of ABMAK Associates and its involvement in the mining sector?

DK: ABMAK Associates is a law firm specializing in natural resources and tax law. In Uganda we serve a number of companies engaged in the resource sector, and we service the Namekara vermiculite mine, the only operating mine in the country at the moment, which hosts the largest resource of vermiculite in the world. We also represent East African Continue reading